Animal protection and meat quality

The animals slaughtered in our facility are mostly from local farms. The transport takes place only using livestock vehicles, according to EU-guidelines on animal safety during transport.

Our company has been enjoying a solid and fruitful partnership with cattle farmers and handlers for many years. A suitable and respectful approach towards slaughter cattle is the most important prerequisite for prime meat.

A healthy unloading and stabling of the animals is essential for us. Veterinarians carry out the first animal inspections once the livestock have arrived at the slaughterhouse. All cattle sheds are provided with troughs.


If necessary, especially in the summertime, the animals are properly cooled down using a water spray system. Through a ventilation filter the stuffy air inside the stalls is sucked out; at the same time fresh air is pumped in.

The livestock are conducted to the stunning room in a stress-free manner and in small groups.

Stunning and the subsequent killing take place rapidly and under optimal conditions in a room containing carbon dioxide.







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