Slaughter of beef cattle

Thanks to a combination meat processing plant we are able to slaughter both pigs and beef cattle.


The slaughter of pigs and beef cattle takes place separately. Beef slaughtering in particular takes place on a mechanical ultra-modern plate transporter.


The plate transporter is custom-built in order to meet the company’s needs, as in the case of our mechanical skinner.


Cattle are slaughtered at the request of butcher shops in the region. Every head of cattle that is slaughtered and put on the market is completely traceable and documented, from the farmer to the butcher shop.


This goes for both the quarters and for any other part of the slaughtered animal.

We slaughter beef cattle coming from organic farms who want to put their products directly on the market.


Our company gladly undertakes custom slaughtering or home slaughtering for our private clients.


It goes without saying that the beef cattle slaughter process can also be followed live from our Glass Abattoir from shackle line to the stocking of sides into cold storage.








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