Before our slaughterhouse and cutting complex opened on the outskirts of Windhausen in 1992, our firm was based at the slaughterhouse in Osterode am Harz. At that time just a few employees worked on premises at a site which had to be paid for monthly.


Great things came from those small beginnings. We have grown in size over the years into the successful industrial operation we are today.


In 1993, our company expanded the factory building to include additional cold storage.


Four years later in 1997, our second expansion took place and the "Glass Abattoir" went into operation. Thanks to it one can watch the entire meat processing cycle from start to finish. Since all the most competent authorities and the scientific community participated in the planning of this second expansion, we were able to achieve new standards of food safety, traceability of animals, and hygiene.


The current operation is unique in its kind and size in Germany, and is now established in the industry.


It is conveniently located in the heart of Germany, close to the A7 motorway between Kassel and Hanover.


Three generations of the Rettstadt family have worked in the company since its founding. The number of employees has been increasing hand-in-hand with the demands of our clients.















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