Cleaning and sanitation are two absolute priorities in our company.

The changing room used by the slaughtering staff is divided into two areas: in the first one the employees take off their streetwear and personal objects (such as jewellery or wrist-watches that may be sources for contamination). In the second one they put on a special workwear, rubber boots and a plastic apron. Every cleaning and sterilizing step is properly documented, it does not matter if in the break or sterilization room).

This is true for processing rooms and machines, as well as for the cutting complex (disinfection and sterilization rooms included).

Delivery vehicles are controlled, cleaned, and sterilized in the very same way.

Workwear is washed and sterilized in the company’s laundry.

Data from all cleaning and sterilizing is gathered through company controls.

Some well-known national research institutes carry out external testing at regular intervals and issue certificates.

You will find the name of the research institutes that collaborate with the Rettstadt Slaughterhouse by clicking on the link “certification”.








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