A group of Rettstadt employees on break



Our motto is "Clear Line".

  1. Our employees are our most important asset. With their dedication and care they provide a product that our customers can rely on.
  2. We are guided always by the needs of our customers, which is our top priority.
  3. Through sensible terms of delivery we are able to minimize risks when delivering our products to partners, producers and suppliers.
  4. We are in control of all stages of the meat-processing cycle, which strengthens customer confidence in our company.
  5. High standards of hygiene and quality control ensure the highest possible product safety. External controls further ensure that only quality is produced.
  6. We promote public transparency in our operation with press releases and through an ongoing collaboration with producers, consumers, and scientists.
  7. Thanks to the principles of the "Clear Line" we are able to gain the trust and satisfaction of our commercial partners, of the meat processing companies, as well as of the consumers and the food trade industry.








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