Slaughter of pigs

All slaughtering takes place according to EU guidelines and QS standards inside an ultra-modern facility.

The pig scalding is done vertically in a vapor scalding tunnel. Due to hygienic reasons our company opts for this method instead of the traditional scalding tank.


According to EU guidelines the bleeding is done by the so-called “two-knives technique”. All work platforms are provided with sanitary appliances such as wash basins and sinks with sterilizer.


The entire slaughter process, from stunning with carbon dioxide to stocking the carcasses in cold storage, takes us about 35 minutes.


The name “Glass Abattoir” was not created by chance.


On the first floor of our slaughterhouse there is a room with walls made of glass. Here we welcome any guests who are interested in observing the meat processing cycle.


From inside you can follow the entire slaughter process from shackle line to the stocking of the carcasses into cold storage.


Our company gladly undertakes work such as custom slaughtering (for butcher’s shops or farmers who want to put their products on the market) or home slaughtering for our private clients.









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